Is Home Healthcare for Me?

One of the biggest questions asked by prospective customers is what qualifies them for Home Health Services under State/Federal or Private Insurance guidelines. They are as follows:

  • The patient must be under the care of a physician. The patients physician (or other authorized licensed independent practitioner) must order and approve the provision of any services. For Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Insurance a skilled need must be ordered.
  • The patient must desire home care.
  • Reliant@Home will consider for acceptance any patient who is appropriate for homecare regardless of payment source.
  • The patient must reside within the geographic service area for Reliant@Home. Reliant@Home Service Area
  • The physical facilities and equipment in the home must be adequate for safe and effective care.
  • Services may be provided if insured by Medicare if the patient has a primary need for skilled nursing, or physical therapy on an intermittent basis. They must also meet the definition of “homebound” status. A patient is considered to be “homebound” if he/she has a condition that restricts his/her ability to leave his/her place of residence except with the aide of a supportive device, the use of special transportation, the assistance of another person, or if he/she has a condition which is such that leaving his/her home is medically contraindicated.
  • Acceptance for home care services will be realistically based on the patient’s willingness and ability to function in a non-institutional environment, and the willingness, ability, and availability of family/caregiver or significant individuals to participate in the care.