Home Health

What is Medicare-certified Home Health?

Medicare defines Home Health as short-term care provided by skilled nurses and therapists where a patient calls home. The purpose of Home Health is to help a patient rehabilitate after a serious health event, regain independence, stay physically safe, and become as self-sufficient as possible. Home Health is designed to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and save Medicare costs.

Home Health services are 100% covered for beneficiaries under the Original Medicare plan. Medicare Advantage and Commercial Insurance plans often cover Home Health, too. However, coverage varies by plan. Reliant at Home has a team of experts who will call the insurance plan provider and communicate coverage eligibility and authorization to the patient or family.

Home Health requires an order from a physician who certifies the reason why care at home by a skilled nurse or therapist is necessary.

To speak with a Reliant at Home representative about our Home Health services, please contact us.

Home Health is helpful when a patient has any of the following:

  • Recent fall, near fall, or injury at home
  • Hospitalization, rehab, or skilled nursing stay
  • New or changing medications due to an illness or disease
  • Decline in mobility or normal function
  • Sudden loss of appetite or difficulty swallowing
  • Chronic illness or exacerbation
  • Hip or knee replacement
  • Surgery
  • Wound that requires RN oversight
  • Change in memory or cognitive reasoning
  • IV medication
  • Pain too difficult to manage
  • Frequent visits to the ER in a short period of time
  • Complex clinical needs caused by comorbidities
  • High-risk illness such as Covid-19, Influenza, Diabetes, CHF, COPD, or Hypertension

We understand navigating care options and complex insurance coverage nuances can be overwhelming and frustrating. Our job is to listen first, then help. We want to simplify and support patients and family members that need assistance getting the care they need. Care is our higher calling and it is our mission to serve and live up to the standards of the Reliant at Home Bluebird Promise.

Our RN Case Manager will schedule an initial visit in the patient’s home and complete a comprehensive assessment to evaluate the type and frequency of care that is needed. In collaboration with the physician, a Plan of Care will be developed that may include visits from the following disciplines:

  • RN/LVN – provides hands-on clinical care and manages the patient’s medical needs
  •  Physical Therapist (PT) – provides therapy for mobility, strength, and safety
  • Occupation Therapist (OT) – provides therapy to improve function with daily tasks
  • Speech Therapy (ST) – provides therapy to help with speech, swallowing, eating, and cognitive issues
  • Medical Social Worker (MSW) – assists the patient or family with accessing resources for financial planning, meals, housing, and other services
  • Home Health Aide (HHA) – assists with personal care

Reliant at Home has a multi-system approach designed to bridge health changes, coordinate seamless care transitions, save and reduce healthcare system costs, and keep patients at home where they are happiest and most comfortable.

Wellness Call Center
We have a patient-tailored call program for patients whose risk for hospitalization is high or changing.

Clinical Alerts
We utilize a data analytics tool that automatically scans the patient’s record every day, flags specific health change triggers, and alerts us if a patient is at risk of needing a higher level of care.

Our EMR software trends patient-specific risk in real-time to help us identify, monitor, and proactively enhance our care when our patients need it most.

My Wellness Zone Guides
We use green/yellow/red light best practice guidelines to teach our patients the right time to call us so we can intervene to avert a pending crisis.

To speak with a Reliant at Home representative about our Home Health services, please contact us.

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