What is Rehab?

Rehab, also known as Outpatient Rehabilitation Therapy, is therapy that can be provided in an on-site Reliant at Home Healthcare Services office in a senior community or in the privacy of a patient’s home. 

Rehab therapy can include Physical Therapy (PT), Occupational Therapy (OT), and Speech-Language Therapy (SLP) skilled care. 

  • Physical Therapist – helps to improve or restore balance, strength, flexibility, and mobility
  • Occupational Therapist – helps to regenerate fine motor skills needed for daily activities
  • Speech-Language Therapist – helps with cognitive development necessary for finding words and speaking clearly

A Physician or non-physician practitioner (NPP) will need to clinically certify the treatment Plan of Care for outpatient Rehab PT, OT, and SLP services.  The agency Qualified Therapist (PT, OT, SLP) can complete a full patient assessment to establish the Plan of Care and submit it to the Physician or NPP for review. 

Much like seeing a doctor, Rehab is paid on a per visit basis and the visit cost will depend on the individual’s insurance coverage.  Medicare Part B covers Rehab at 80% of the Medicare-approved amount after the annual 20% coinsurance deductible is met.  Other insurance plans also cover Rehab, but benefits and coverage will vary.  Reliant at Home will contact Medicare or the insurance plan to verify deductible status, coverage terms, and will communicate the cost per visit before therapy begins.

To speak with a Reliant at Home representative about our Rehab services, please contact us.

Outpatient Rehab is the building block for optimal independence and safety for aging seniors.  Reduced activity due to a hospitalization, surgery, illness, chronic pain, dizziness, depression, and a fall or fear of falling, is a major contributor to a decline in physical strength and mental fortitude.  Weakness can compromise safety, increase risk of injury, and negatively impact quality of life.  Rehab is appropriate and necessary to habilitate and reinforce core strength, allowing seniors to get back to living a full life.        

Benefits of Rehab:

  • To improve balance, strength, flexibility, and other areas of physical ability
  • Ensure recovery after a hospitalization or home health episode continues to full independence and maximum safety
  • Regenerate fine motor skills needed for daily activities like bathing, eating, and dressing
  • Enhance cognitive development in finding the right words and communicating clearly

To speak with a Reliant at Home representative about Rehab services, please contact us.

The two most common ways therapy gets provided are through Home Health or through Rehab. A patient may qualify for therapy under both service lines (but not at the same time).

Home Health therapy is generally best after arriving home from the hospital or other in-patient care facility (skilled nursing or rehab) or when it is taxing and requires assistance for a patient to leave home on their own.

Rehab therapy is generally best when a patient is strong enough to get out and about on their own without assistance, but still experiences weakness and low endurance. Rehab may be appropriate after a Home Health treatment plan is complete as a necessary transition to safe independence.

Human nature is to hold dear independence, social engagement, being with family, participation in loved activities or hobbies, and feeling safe.  The natural progression of aging impacts physical strength, mobility, cognitive processing, and risk for adverse health events.  However, the great news is that changes in health status can be delayed and unnecessary crisis can be prevented.  Having a healthcare partner and resource by your side matters.

Our job is to listen first, then help.  Helping seniors to thrive, have confidence, and live their best life is what we wake up for each day.  Care is our higher calling and it is our mission to serve and live up to the standards of the Reliant at Home Bluebird Promise.

To speak with a Reliant at Home representative about Rehab services, please contact us.

To speak with a Reliant at Home representative about our Rehab services, please contact us.

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