Wellness Call Center

Wellness Call Center – An Extra Layer of Care

Patients’ needs can be met and managed during scheduled visits. However, what happens in between the visits? That is often when anxiety can take hold and a familiar voice will make a difference. Managing the “in between” time helps to mitigate risk for hospitalization and changing conditions that can escalate into a serious health event.

Reliant at Home has a Wellness Call Center to bridge these gaps in care, reduce unnecessary hospitalizations, and enhance the quality of care we provide in the home. We believe that proper disease management education is best achieved by repetition and encouragement.

Calls Tailored for Each Patient

We enroll patients in our Wellness Call Center program when they are new to our services, after a hospital stay or other material change in health, and when their risk for hospitalization is high. Our Wellness Call Center initiates live phone contact care protocols to help reduce the risk for ER visits or unnecessary hospitalizations.

Each patient’s living situation is unique. Whether the patient lives at home alone or has support from a caregiver, community, family member or friend, our Wellness Call Center calls the patient daily for a minimum of 7 consecutive days.

  • We educate on signs and symptoms to recognize and report, what to do when health status changes, and how to contact our agency, and under what circumstances to call the physician.
  • Calls will continue daily while the patient is still at risk.
  • When a patient’s condition stabilizes, we reduce the call frequency to twice a week for two weeks until calls are no longer necessary.
Example of a typical protocol: Patient is admitted to home health on January 7th and lives at home with their spouse. The first welcome call is placed on January 8th. On the call we explain who we are, services we provide, and the importance of a follow-up visit with their PCP (if the patient does not have an appointment, we help to set it up). Calls are made daily January 9th-15th. Daily call goals are to educate on disease processes, ask about symptomatology, identify risk for falls, ensure PCP follow-up, and address any issues/questions the patient may have. We
instruct on our agency’s on-call services and use Reliant at Home’s My Wellness Zone Guide to teach the patient what to do and who to call when their health zone status changes (Green, Yellow, Red).
We have customized Wellness Call Center protocols for fragile, newly diagnosed, and high-risk patients.

To speak with a Reliant at Home representative about our services, please contact us.