The Bluebird Promise

Care is our higher calling.  We believe care is more than the service we provide to patients who need help at home. It also means caring for our Reliant at Home family, the families and loved ones of the patients we serve, our referral partners and providers, and our local communities.  Serving others is what we were meant to do.

The Reliant at Home Bluebird Promise is our commitment to live up to our higher calling by fulfilling our Values, Culture Priorities, and Service Pledge.

Our Values


People who need care, need compassion.  Families with loved ones struggling to find answers want to know they have an ally in their corner listening and helping.  Our desire is to give the very best we have to offer, be kind in our response, and serve others.


We are happy to be here and happy to help!  Our goal is to provide “white glove” care coordination, offer a smile and warm greeting, and do more than is expected of us.  It is our higher calling to care for patients, our employees, and the communities where we work.


We believe doing the right thing and doing what we say we will do is at the core of how we operate.  Patients deserve care from people they can trust to be reliable, honest, and purpose-driven.  We solve challenges with transparency and take criticism as an opportunity to excel.


Through our Culture Priorities, we deliberately seek to build and grow a company environment where employees are the best at what they do, receive on-going training and professional development support, and that we continuously evaluate and reflect on what we can do to be better.

Our Service Pledge

You should expect white-glove treatment from Reliant at Home.

  • We will offer a warm, personal, and sincere greeting every time we encounter a fellow employee, meet a patient or family, interact with a referral source or provider, or answer the phone.
  • We will act on service coordination quickly and be as helpful as possible.
  • When faced with a difficult or complex healthcare need, we will seek to remove barriers and find solutions.
  • We will communicate proactively and keep our promises.
  • We will make sure it is clear we were happy to help.

Why a Bluebird?

Across cultures and traditions throughout the world, Bluebirds symbolize happiness, prosperity, good health, confidence, laughter, innocence, joy, and spring.  Because of its positive qualities, the Bluebird plays a central role in stories and songs, poems, and fairytales. The Bluebird exemplifies the worldly embodiment of heavenly angels. The beautiful, blue plumage of the Bluebird is linked to eternal happiness.  Bluebirds are messengers of good tidings.  When you see a Bluebird, good luck is just around the corner.

The Bluebird is a reminder of the beauty of the world around us and the importance of casting aside doubts and worries for positive thinking.  They serve as an invitation to spend more time appreciating the God-given gifts that we often take for granted.  Bluebirds are also very familial by nature, protecting and caring for their nest.

Our Culture Priorities

We have a specific vision for our company culture. We focus on our Culture Priorities with deliberate intent in everything we do.  We strive every day to be an exceptional place to work and to provide exceptional care to America’s aging population.

We promise to be an exceptional company that:

  • Lives up to our higher calling fulfilling our Values, Culture Priorities, and Service Pledge
  • Demonstrates kindness and eagerness to help others
  • Understands that people who need care need compassion, our full attention, and the very best we have to offer
  • Provides better care than expected and is not afraid to be objectively measured or compared to other providers that offer care in the home
  • Pursues delivery of clinical excellence every time, in every service line
  • Embraces challenging care coordination or complex patients
  • Loves to laugh and have fun
  • Accepts criticism as a pathway to improvement
  • Always says thank you and shows gratitude
  • Does what they say they will do and is easy to work with
  • Listens first and then seeks to solve, support, and satisfy
  • Seeks to do the right thing and act in the best interest of those we serve
  • Celebrates, recognizes, and rewards the outstanding work of our people
  • Hires great people who want to work with other great people to do something that has meaning and purpose
  • Has employees who make a positive impression in the community by the way they dress, speak, and behave
  • Fosters professional development, supervisory feedback, and position accountability to help our employees be the best they can be
  • Prays for our employees, patients, and families
  • Believes financial stewardship is a hallmark of a strong company
  • Gives back and actively engages in community-based benevolence