Reliant at Home Launches New Logo and The Bluebird Promise

Reliant at Home rebrands with the release of new logo, website, and purpose statements. Reliant at Home initiated the logo design process using a third-party crowd source platform. Employees were given the opportunity to vote on the submitted designs and a final selection was made when the choice was settled overwhelmingly. Reliant at Home’s four service lines are incorporated into the design as well. Each service line is associated with a color shown in the leaves of the branch.

The central design element of Reliant at Home’s new logo is a bluebird. Across cultures and traditions throughout the world, Bluebirds symbolize happiness, prosperity, good health, confidence, laughter, innocence, joy, and spring. Because of its positive qualities, the Bluebird has played a central role in many stories, songs, poems, and fairytales – gaining much popularity in the 50s. Bluebirds are also very familial by nature, protecting and caring for their nest.

“We felt the bluebird represented the personality of our leadership, our people, and the work caring for others we were meant to do,” said Jana Lightfoot, Chief Operating Officer. “Bluebirds are both a happy and protective species. We want Reliant at Home to be a happy place to work and our primary role in healthcare is to protect our patients as though we were caring for our own family members. Our business can be difficult at times, so kindness, a smile, and lots of laughter are paramount to building our culture and relationship with and among our teams. If our employees feel good and have confidence they are working at a company that cares about them, they will give their best to each other and the patients, families, and communities we serve.”

The Bluebird Promise was developed internally through collaborative input by Reliant at Home executive and clinical leadership, operations and sales team members, and field staff. The Bluebird Promise incorporates Reliant at Home’s belief system and represents their commitment to stated Values, Culture Priorities, and Service Pledge.